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Long life to GV

janeiro 5, 2010

When I first heard about Global Voices in a pub of London, I had no idea what Paula Góes was talking about. Blogs, net-citizenship, a worldwide website… Being a traditional Journalist,although 28 years old, I had not yet believed much in the interactivity of the Internet. Thus, for me, TV, newspaper and radio were the main source of information, which should have to be transmitted to a passive audience.

Some days on, Paula talked about google reader, how to find blogs in the web, twitter and much more. I thought with myself that a new world was being revealed.  In other words, she gave me many Internet classes. And that’s how Global Voices get into my life, and I get into GV’s life. It has been an unique experience and I hope that it last for a long time. I am grateful to Paula, her husband Seymour and to all GV team.

I have been given a chance to follow issues related to my country (Brazil) and worldwide as well as to develop my English writing skills. Who likes reading and update himself about international affairs has not better website to access than Global Voices. The whole concept is fantastic. You can easily click on your right hand-side and select the region or country which you would like to check out. And be sure that you will not only find reports about USA and Western Europe -regions more easily covered by the standard media.

Any people, country or culture has the same value. And GV do appreciate even more reports written by whom scarcely have a way to voice themselves; either because they hardly have computer or do have a strong censorship over their freedom of speech. GV raises awareness and gathers the whole world together. So that,  Global Voices not only publishes articles and reports based on blogs, but it also has programs that fosters a better world . We are talking about Rising Voices and Global Advocacy  – the first teaches people how to blog and the second one advises others how to be protected against harassment of any kind of censorship.   

At this point of Global Voice’s life – a five years grown up baby- I was wondering how many people it has supported, helped in any way and given hope. I reckon that there has been many, and I am sure that there is more to come.  I am one of them, and I am very proud of being part of the group made up by many great professional and talented people. And Paula? She was the one who connected me to the team and to a new word. She is a kind of magic figure who sparks light wherever she goes.

 Long life to GV, Paula and all the team!


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  1. Solanasaurus permalink

    How cool that this could be the first post of your new blog! Now the birthday of your own blog will be easy to remember too 🙂 Congratulations.

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